About Nhật Hoàng

The Nhat Hoang Electrical Equipment Company Limited wants to become a trustworthy address for customers and partners in terms of the best electrical equipment and lighting equipment. The company aims to strive every day to become a supplier of reliable and quality electrical and lighting equipment through a professional consulting team, different sales policies, genuine products, and competitive prices.

Vision and Mission:

With the vision of becoming the leading reliable electrical equipment distributor in Vietnam, Nhat Hoang Electrical Equipment Company Limited acts as a bridge between customers and manufacturers to bring the best quality products. With the motto “Reliability – Quality – Reasonable Price – Professional Service”, Nhat Hoang Electrical Equipment Company Limited commits to bring the most satisfaction to customers when working with us.

With the mission of providing the best products for customers, the quality of the products we distribute is strictly managed from product selection, manufacturers, importers, to after-sales service, maintenance, and product repair. The products are always new, with the correct brand, origin, and technical specifications provided by the manufacturer and importer.

Our Commitment:

With a team of professional and knowledgeable staff, providing product advice, answering customer inquiries, and providing professional service, Nhat Hoang Electrical Equipment Company Limited is always ready to support and provide the best solutions for customers. In addition, the company always updates and improves product information, and applies advanced technology to meet the needs of customers.


Dây cáp điện:

+ Dây cáp điện Cadisun

+ Dây cáp điện Trần Phú

+ Dây cáp điện Cadivi

+ Dây cáp điện TAYA

+ Cáp nhôm Phú Nghĩa

Dây cáp điện SangJin

+ Cáp điều khiển

Dây cáp viễn thông

+ Vinacap

Hệ thống chiếu sáng

+ Rạng Đông

+ Philips

+ Kingled

Hệ thống tủ phân phối điện

Ống luồn dây điện

+ Ống nhựa và phụ kiện

Thang máng cáp và phụ kiện

+ Thang cáp

+ Máng cáp

+ Khay cáp

+ Phụ kiện thang máng cáp

Thiết bị điện

+ Sino

+ Schneider

+ Đầu Cosse

Thiết bị đường dây trung thế

The Nhat Hoang Electrical Equipment Company would like to extend its sincere gratitude to our dear customers who have accompanied the company throughout the past. Nhat Hoang Electrical Equipment always considers the benefit of the customer as the top priority in all business activities and the longevity of the company. We hope that with the effort and dedication of our leaders and employees, more and more customers will become aware of our company, trust and collaborate with us for a long-term development and prosperity.

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